Update - 10/28/16

Well, the “social wall” software customization is nearing completion. Trying to integrate Discourse has been… interesting. But there’s been some really good progress. (Have I mentioned how much I hate doing UI work?) I expect it to become the front end of this test system within the next four weeks or so. Feedback and customization will continue.

Of bigger note, the system core is finished. The Grand Poo-bah that manages it all is active! The nutrition database is nearly primed, and I’ve written an app that allows me to basically scan my entire grocery store’s UPC codes, as well as nutrition and OCR it into meaningful data.

Negotiations continue with UPC / data providers, but it’s at an impasse and my lawyer is grouchy. I’m looking for another.

I’ve also ordered a new Mac Mini because my existing one was too slow/primitive. It’s found a new life in my wife’s office as a web browser. But in order to put together a really good iOS app, I needed an upgrade.

With a little luck this thing will be banging on all cylinders early in 2017!

Thanks for all your help!

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