Once more unto the buffet

Here’s the story: Everyone knows about my Bell’s Palsy, and that it took a year to heal.

When Bell’s is that severe, you can’t even control your tear ducts, or the muscles that keep the tears in your eyes. So they drain into the back of your nose and throat, and down into your lungs.
I spent six months feeling like I was half-drowning. So I wasn’t working out and during that time my weight see-sawed.

But I got back in shape for graduation ceremonies and the beach.

But after that, I was like… “Well… what now?” So I took the governor off and have been slowly building the weight back up. How up? I’m 13 lbs heavier than I was at the beginning of summer, and my workouts are inconsistent.

I haven’t been skydiving once this entire summer? Why? Because my new canopy isn’t rated for my current weight.

Next summer will be different.

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Update: I’ve really got to get off my @$$ now and get this done.